May 26th, 2017

Party Models!!
Care to see almost 600 sets on one site? Dozens of different models? This is the site for you! Click the photo above and visit now. Now featuring unpublished sets of New Star Alisa and Victoria as well as unseen sets of many Newstar models and our new models and screentests.


Tiny Model Jewel
Visit Jewel's website!Jewel is a dream within a dream. May you never wake up... Our Jewel can make you blind!


New Star Lola
Visit Lola's website!Come taste the Lola's photo pieces! Each piece has a whole gallery of sweet photos for our members! Enjoy - sugar free!

Tiny Model Amber
Visit Electra's website!Welcomes to Amber's website! Forget what your dictionary says, our Amber is a gem... ...


New Star Daniele
Visit Meagan's website!How can we describe the dream that is Daniele? A dream that will haunt you with it's beauty untill you visit her again, so she can keep you under her spell. Join her today. Check out the free previews.


Party Models 2
Visit Party Models 2 website!There are many models at this party. Join now and dance the night away with a different girl each week!



Please welcome and support the new Natalie model! Thank you! We hope that you will be amazed as we are.




Please welcome and support the new Candy model which is also Daniele's sister. Thank you!



Dear Customers,
We took your advice and opened a page for donations for clothes and props. Please visit our DONATION PAGE for more information. Thank you for your support AND THE GREAT IDEA!











Dear Customers,
ZIP file download option has been added to ALL ACTIVE SITES. Non updating sites may follow soon.We hope you enjoy this new feature. Combined with our returning all archived sets to the sites it will be easier than ever to enjoy ALL your favorite sets.




Only at clipmonster.

Want More Vica?






Clipmonster unpublished sets and videos are ALL finally here, with Astra along! Until now these sets and videos were exclusive only to Clipmonster, so please welcome and support the new Newstar Unpublished & Newstar Video sites! These site's updates will remain many months (even more than a year) behind the sets released in the Clipmonster stores. So for all the newest sets and videos visit Clipmonster. Both Newstar Video and Newstar Unpublished update 8 times a month. Astra every seven days for now.



Use the link below to visit NT models:

After your initial join stay a member for $49.99 a month. Thats way you can keep a membership on 26-30 sites. Never download again or worry for a hard drive failure as we have triple back ups of our files..

NO need to visit dangerous chan sites full of pop ups and virus to try and download a few zips.

NO need to download files ever!!

They will always be waitng for you. Our library of over 8300 sets will be there for you always and growing by at least 16-18 updates a week curently. Of course you can still download if you wish with the new zip file feature.

Thank you for your honest and continued support over the years!

The Boys Have Stopped Updating. Join NT-Boys Above to join all of them at once for a good price.

New Missed Set Request service!!

If you want any set that you are missing we can make you a downloadable zip of that set for $ 8.95 on our new request page at clipmonster. Simply write us what set you are missing and we will try within 24 hours (probably faster) to get back to you to give you the url where it can be found.

Newest sets on a site (last 4 months) are not available for this special service. Please make sure your request is at least 16 sets back from the newest on the site.

Simply write requests to

About e-mail

Dear Customers, we reply to absolutely any support request e-mail as soon as possible! Most of the time it is within one hour and is rarely more than few hours.

If you did not receive our reply within one hour then most probably your e-mail provider has filtered it by either putting it in the SPAM folder or something like that.

If you use AOL make sure to setup your account in that way:
Go to Options -> Mail Settings -> Spam Settings and change your spam filter to Low.




Please don't use third party anivirus software to access our sites! Use Windows firewall instead! Many people's antivirus blocks many of our sites and many adult sites.

Unless you take off site watch many will censor us. Of course those of you with us 12 years already know we are safe.

We suggest also a nice secure email since many others see fit to block our mail. So support us and stop using these products. We found Yahoo search does not try as hard to filter us out but filters sometimes emails to or from us.

Visit Michelle!!

New Star Cherry

Welcome to New Star Cherry

Show her Your support:

New Payment Option

Along with Credit/Debit card we now take bit Bitcoin for your secure joins!

You do not have to buy whole Bitcoins. You can purchase fractions for memberships.

Some Sad Truths About Chans and other such sites

1. They do not have permission to repost us. This is what they like to say but it is a lie.

2.They have destroyed and closed several of your favorite sites by either reposting there sales away stealing traffic away, or making disgusting comments about them in a public forum so models quit.

3. They have been stealing our traffic and killing our sales without permission for many years causing us to raise the prices for the remaining Honest customers. They do it for simple greed and to steal our traffic for personal gain when people follow their clicks.

Most are asked to install programs to download the set and these are virus or maleware!!

I have had Anti Virus save me many times visitng these places.

I would not be surprised if these sites are run by ANON to kill us and make a list of IP adresses for police of who visit there disgusting forum.

They are the ones trying to kill our sites. If somethign is to good to be true(free sets) it ussually is. They grab your IP Address and try to install spyware. I would not be to wrong to state there purpose is to kill all child model sites.

You see the people they repost had to close or leave buissnsss do to the reposting.

We have recently found our newest sites reposted and the sales dropped to nothing. Keep reposting and we will have to raise the prices again.

It was time to set the record straight:

Any site found reposting our photos will not be warned we will go straight for the hosting company with DMCA notice and after the domain registrar also. This means you NN forum people. Sorry you didn't belive us and your forums are gone.

We have blocked many people to ever join us again in the last few weeks. It's not worth it as I have people begging to be unblocked FOR YEARS.

Customers who report reposting links to us would be apreciated so we can catch and ban the reposter and avoid more price raises. If any one would like the job of reporting links with DMCA notices let us know. If you can write a DMCA notice we will supply links. get content removed from repostings for memberships.

It's about time these peopel stop stealing food from the models mouths.....


We have teemed up with a photographer that used to make many websites. The original content owners have let rights lapse therefore returning them to the photographers ownership. We are proud to present:

Special Places:

Tiny Model Special

New Star Special

Free Samples Of Our Models

Picture of the Day!

Things to know!!!
1. Once you join and take content there are no refunds or chargebacks. Any chargebacks or will permananetly block you to ever join again. No Excuses as we have heard them all.

2. If you write for password support include the the correct email you joined with so we can actualy find you.

3. There is no reposting of our content. Believe it or not we can tell who posted a photo and you will be blacklisted to join again and your name put on deadbeat list that will also block you from other sites and your memebrship's will be killed instantly for all sites without refund. Reposting our photos keeps profit from the models and it kills joins. Repeat offenders will find there name and address posted near there torrent or news post. This goes for people that claim they have the right to repost us. They do not have permission.

 4. There is a 6 gig limit on downloads per day to stop password sharing. This does not affect the majority of our clients at all. If you are blocked for over usage it will remove in 12 hours. If you use a download program set it to one connection per file or you will be blocked very fast...You can always write us to unblock you sooner and hope we're not sleeping.

5. We do not make custom photos or videos. We never have. Any such things you see are faked or were made when some of our models had a website before they had one with US.


Tinymodel Raven
Visit Raven's website!We are proud to bring you a girl as mysterious as the bird. You will want this Raven forevermore!


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